Ready to Ride  - ALL YEAR !!

Maximum pleasure and optimum rideability

Instant stoke !!  full control, fluid feel, smooth transitions..

The CURVA six wheel board was created to get that fluid boarding feel, without relying on snow or concrete and to achieve the adrenaline rush everyone wants, with the advantage of being able to board ride ALL YEAR!
CURVA boards have a unique six wheel layout. In the centre of the board, between your feet are tandem in-line wheels that gives you a floating feeling while the outside control wheels provide instant response, turning, smooth transitions and stability.

"After skiing for 35 years, snowboarding since it started, dirt bike riding for 34 years and living 38 years just below the snowline in the Victorian highcountry, with 3 months of snow if we are lucky! 
I wanted more, I wanted the ability to ride anywhere and anytime of the year. 
The answer was a land board with the ability to angle in all directions, to recreate the floating feeling of a snow board and to be at one with the natural rolling terrain of the countryside. 
It is great to be able to go just about anywhere on all-terrain, without getting wet or cold or relying on snow, waves or pavement to be available. Local parks, back yards, grass hills, dirt and gravel tracks are all ideal riding areas. Just like snowboarding, surfing, skating and bike riding - Awesome fun and you just can't get enough."    Travis Morton - inventor and designer of the CURVA board six wheel slip steering system