- Always wear a helmet and body protection when riding.
- Make sure you are familiar with the CURVA six wheel board before using.
- Always check the area you are riding is safe for you, other people and animals.
- Avoid riding in long grass or where you cant see the surface you are on.
- Your CURVA board is not engineered for 'excessive speed' without correct adjustments.
- Always check all nuts, bolts and wheel mounts for before each use.
- Always check tyre pressures, bearings and wheel nuts before each use.
- Always check boot bindings straps, nuts and bolts are tight and in good condition.
- Ride within your limits, be safe and have fun.

When you are riding or are near a CURVA BOARD you do so at your own pleasure and risk.

We are NOT responsible for your injuries!
CURVABOARDS  takes NO responsibility for YOUR well-being.
Landboarding/Mountainboarding, even when done well,
can be a dangerous activity. You need to be careful when you do it.
Always wear : helmet, elbow & knee pads, wrist guards, gloves,high ankle boots, protective clothing, eye protection.
CURVABOARDS recommend wearing all of the above + full body armour with front and back padded protection, shoulder, arm and kidney belt, padded shorts, paddednylon or leather jersey/jacket, padded nylon or leather pants. (Body armour and clothing similar to what motocross riders wears offers some of the best protection).

PARENTS : YOU need to make sure your kids are Landboarding/Mountainboarding/ skateboarding etc. safely.
Your kids are your responsibility - not ours. You should be aware of what kind of boarding sports they are doing, what kind of safety equipment they are wearing, where they are boarding, and who they are boarding with.
We always encourage the use of proper safety equipment. However, we can't force anyone to use it. It's the responsibility of the individual person and/or their parent(s) to make decisions about their safety and well-being.
CURVABOARDS takes no responsibility or accepts any liability what-so-ever for injuries resulting from the participation and act of riding a CURVABOARDS six wheel board.
Ride safe and use common sense. Do not go beyond your own limit, build up to getting better, Do not try manoeuvres you can't do safely. Get immediate proper treatment if you injure yourself. Do not ride with any injuries, disease or illness which may affect your riding, Do not ride with alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, or false enhancements in your system.
Most of all - Ride Safe - while having fun!

LANDBOARDING / MOUNTAINBOARDING is capable of being a dangerous activity that can cause serious damage, injury or death. Due to the nature of this product, protective equipment should be used at all times while riding - Always wear a helmet, boots, gloves, wrist guards, elbow guards, knee guards and protective clothing.

Children should always be supervised by a competent adult. Beginners should have knowledge of how to use this product in a safe manner before using. Equipment should always be properly inspected before use and should not be used if any parts are damaged, worn, missing, modified, loose or not well maintained. To reduce chance of injury, stay within your abilities and always wear a helmet and protective equipment.

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The manufacturer, distributer, and seller of CURVABOARDS products undertake no responsibility for damage, including any loss, property damage, personal or public injury or death which may be caused by the purchase and/or use of any or all of CURVABOARDS products and accessories, whether caused by accident, negligence or otherwise.

Through the purchase and/or use of any and all CURVABOARDS products and accessories the purchaser and/or user, understands and agrees to and voluntarily accepts all responsibility and any loss, property damage, personal and public injury, including death, that may be sustained, whether caused by negligence of the manufacturer, distributer and seller of this product or otherwise. Furthermore the purchaser and /or user through their purchase and/or use agrees to hold harmless CURVABOARDS manufacturing or manufacturing companies from any loss, liability, damages or costs they may incur through the use of any and all CURVABOARDS products and accessories whether caused by the negligence of CURVABOARDS manufacturing, other associated business, entity, third party, or otherwise.

Safe Riding + Happy Riding = More Riding.


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